Parc Fenestre

  • Sunday 19th August 2012 

Parc Fenestre is a municipal park in the lovely town of La Bourboule. A beautiful, sunny day brought out families who were picnicking, relaxing and enjoying their Sunday afternoon. From the entrance, a five to six minute walk brings you to Chenille Fantastique a Soquet powered coaster. This is a classic example of an ordinary coaster that is greatly enhanced by its surroundings. Its setting is picture-postcard perfect. The coaster has one gravity section that provides a nice burst of momentum. This coaster has been relocated here from Le Pal. A handful of other rides complete the amusement area.

Entrance for Parc Fenestre.

Les toboggans geants


Playground equipment

Les autos-tamponneuses

Chevaux galopants

Chenille Fantastique ("Fantastic Caterpillar" in French) is a powered coaster from Soquet that has been operating at Parc Fenestre since 2004-2005. This coaster previously operated at Le Pal under the same name from 1981 to 2003.

Jacquou Parc



  1. That rollercoaster looks really odd.

  2. Yes! It is a strange one. It wasn't made for this park but has blended in rather well with the surroundings.