• Wednesday 22nd August 2012  
The name "Cigoland" is derived from "Cigogne", the French word for stork. The park--if one can call it that--is actually a stork colony. Along with the storks, there are other animals. The amusement ride section is small. The star attraction is the ever-so-popular Train de la Mine roller coaster--probably one of Soquet's finer creations . The coaster is fast paced, with some great changes of direction. Of the other rides, the stork-themed monorail covers a large percentage of the park. There is also the very poor replica of the King Kong ride that we saw a few days earlier at Le Pal. A few other family rides make up the rest of the lineup.
Cigoland's entrance

Park map

Les chevaux galopants

Yes! Storks! Loads of them!

Train de la Mine is a Soquet coaster operating at Cigoland since 2002.

 La Cigogne


Les tacots

Les bateaux tamonneurs

Le circuit canoe

Le patit train pédagogique



  1. Thats actually the original King Kong attraction, which used to exist in many parks, also even in Le Pal,

  2. That King Kong ride looks terrifying (not ride experience wise).