• Saturday 18th August 2012 
We first headed to Nigloland, which I hadn't visited in four years. The park has vastly improved during this time, as a few new attractions have been added and the general look of the park has been upgraded. Coaster-wise the Pinfari inverter (Bat Coaster) has been replaced by a Mack mouse.

We quickly went through all the coasters first, since my friends hadn't been here before. Gold Mine Train, the Mack custom-built powered coaster, gave a nice ride as expected. La Course de Bobsleigh, the Schwarzkopf City Jet has become slightly shuddery since my last visit. Spatiale Expérience is now the best coaster in the park and provides a thrilling experience.

New for this year is a Gerstlauer spinning ride where one can flap the wing to fully rotate the cars. My friends managed a few spins, whereas my spin count was zero. (I guess my technique was poor.) The new ride is well themed and looks to be a hit with the crowds. We also tried the fairly decent ghost house. The passenger cars on this ride resemble park benches. We rode the last coaster, a typical Big Apple, and the hedgehog ride before making our way to the exit. At present this is a perfect family park, but when it gets the new Mack coaster it should propel the park into the higher league with the big boys. The only slight negative is that the park is pretty difficult to get to, not being in a great catchment area.
Entrance for Nigloland. 

La Chevauchée Fantastique

La Rivière Canadienne


 Gold Mine Train, is a custom-built powered coaster by Mack Rides GmbH & Co KG, opening in Nigloland in 1992.


Les Caravelles de Jacques Cartier

Le Galion Pirate

Africa Cruise

La Route 66

Juke Box 

Spatiale Expérience is an enclosed Mack coaster operating at Nigloland since 2000. 

La Course de Bobsleigh, a Schwarzkopf City Jet / Jet 400, has been operating at the park since 2005.
This coaster was originally built in 1973 and previously ran on the German fair circuit.

Apple Flight

La Ronde des Canards

 La Ferme d'Antonin

Schlitt'Express, Nigloland's newest coaster, is a Mack Wild Mouse (compact mobile coaster, rev. 2).

"Chenille"  (French for "caterpillar") is a Pinfari Big Apple MB28.

Thomas and Christof on La Chenille.

Thumbs up from Thomas for the Hedgehog ride (Les Hérissons de la Forêt Magique)

La Rivière Enchantée and Les Dragons Volants

Le Manoir Hanté 

Thomas and Christof queue up for Air Meeting, the new attraction for the year. 

 Le Carrousel 1900

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