Parc Avenue

  • Tuesday 21st August 2012
Thomas had deleted Parc Avenue from our original itinerary as it's a pain to get to. I told him he had to put back since this was the home of the Aéroplane--a unique specimen from Big Country Motioneering, a company that have only built three coasters, one of them the Ultimate, once crowned the longest coaster in the world. Aéroplane is a suspended coaster similar to the Caripro Batflyer that swings through a zigzag circuit. The coaster has an on-and-off history as it's been standing but not operating for long periods. As of now, it is again SBNO. The future is unknown for this coaster as some members of the management want to demolish it and put a new ride in its place. As of when we visited the park it is believed that it may reopen in 2013.

Parc Avenue is built on the site of a former airport. This is alluded to by several model aircraft placed in the park grounds. Passing through the main street and turning left got us to the only operating coaster, Grand 8 familial, a standard Wacky Worm.

Another notable ride is a viewing tower that holds two rides, a mean-looking twisted slide and an elevator drop ride. The park also has a simulator ride, an Enterprise, and various other children's rides. There is also a water park section.

Park entrance

Main street

Grand 8 familial is a Wacky Worm that has been operating at Parc Avenue since 23rd June 2012.

Discovery: Scenic tour and Elevator free fall ride

Inflatable games

Translated: Attraction planned for 2013.

Aéroplane is a suspended coaster from Big Country Motioneering. It is unknown when the coaster opened at Parc Avenue. It operated until 2003, then was standing but not operating from 2004 to 2008.
It started operating again from 2009 to 2011. Currently it's SBNO with a sign indicating it may open again in 2013.

Walibi Rhône-Alpes

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