French Summer Parks

  • Monday 20th August 2012
The South of France is home to several summer parks that operate in the evenings and stay open until well into the night. Some are even open way past midnight. Today, Thomas had planned a sweep of these parks. We set out to hit as many as we could, and when we were tired we'd head to our hotel. He said we should be able to visit six or seven parks before 2AM. My initial thought was, "Coaster riding until 2AM--has he gone mad?" I mean, we had just visited four parks in a long day already.

So how did we fare? Well, we started hitting the parks, starting with the one furthest from our hotel. Adrenalin kicked in and we managed to visit five parks by 2AM. This was the first time I'd ridden coasters into the wee hours of the morning. Looking back, it was an enjoyable experience and Thomas was right in the end.
Below are the photos from the summer parks we managed to visit. I've intensionally mixed them up, since at the rate we were going it all seems a blur now.

La pomme at Amigoland

Jumbo Jet Amigoland

Toboggan at Luna Park Carnon

Apocalypse at Lunapark Cap d'Agde

Roller-Coaster at Lunapark Cap d'Agde

Speedy at Lunapark Cap d'Agde

EuroLoop  at Europark- Vias  

Eurospeed at Europark- Vias  

 La Pomme at Europark - Vias  

Parc Avenue

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