• Wednesday 22nd August 2012  
Didi'Land is a lovely family park in eastern France. The first coaster you encounter as you enter the park is Pomme, a standard wacky worm coaster placed next to the rapids ride. After clearing it we made our way to the back of the park, where the Soquet coaster Drakkar is located in a lush green field. It's the best of the park's three coasters.

The last coaster is the awful spinner, Magic Mouse, from VSF rides. The train is very poorly designed and reminds me of  another awful coaster I rode in Dubai (Roller Coaster at Stargate). The restraints were terrible. A nice park like Didi'Land deserves a better coaster than this. The sooner it's sent to the scrap yard, the better. After riding all three coasters, the rest of my time in the park was spent just walking around Didi'Land taking it all in and watching the families enjoying the different attractions scattered around the park.

Park map

Entrance to Didi'Land.

Pomme SBF Visa Group Wacky Worm coaster that has been operating at Didi'Land since 2005.

Le rafting

Le manège enfantin

Le petit train safari

Les montgolfières

Le trafic jam

Le buccaneer and Le didi monorail

Les tracteurs rigolos

La rivière indienne

Drakkar a Soquet coaster that has been operating at Didi'Land since 2000.

Le grand canyon

Les bumper boats

La rivière sauvage (flum)

Le flying clown

Le family swing

Magic Mouse is a SBF Visa Group Spinning Coaster (MX52). This coaster has been operaing at Didi'Land since 2nd April 2010.

Les éléphants volants

Les radeaux

La tour infernale

Le cannibal pots

Les autos scooters



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  1. Drakkar! I loved that little coaster, it was such a nice surprise. It's weird to see photos with people in (it was empty when I went in 2010).