Fraispertuis City

  • Wednesday 22nd August 2012 
For me Fraispertuis City was the standout park of the trip. The park has a western theme. Built on a small footprint, it maximises all available space rather well. The newest coaster is the S&S El Loco model, named Timber Drop. The El Loco coaster is a much-needed improvement on the old Screaming Squirrel model. The new coaster is elegantly themed. The first drop goes through a huge log before the train twists and turns though the rest of the circuit into the final brake run. This is a good coaster on a small foot-print, so it can easily fit into any small or medium park.

The other coaster is a rather nice Soquet ride called Grand Canyon that shares its theming with the mine train dark ride. The park also boasts a spectacular battleship ride. Those riding it were spraying water on those standing outside the ride--who in turn were doing the same. Both parties were so into it that to onlookers it seemed like a battle scene from a pirate movie. Another notable attraction was the tower ride just left to the main entrance. It's very similar to the very good tower ride at Tripsdrill. I also liked the idea of the park displaying photos from different eras, giving visitors the chance to see how the park has improved over the years. There were a host of other family rides that fitted nicely within the park.
Park map

A healthy queue had formed to enter the park.

Ticket office

Le Cactus

La chevauchée

Pirates Attack


Timber Drop is an S&S Worldwide El Loco coaster that began operating at Fraispertuis City on 2nd July 2011. 

Les Bumpers with Timber Drop in the background.

La Riviére d'Aventure

Le Flum

Le Joli Jumper

La Cavalerie

La Mine d'Or

Old America

Pony Express

La roue Panoramique

Les Sombreros

Le Bateau Pirate

Grand Canyon is a Soquet steel coaster operating at Fraispertuis City since 20002.

Le Rodéo


Photos showing different eras of the park.

How to make La Twister Potatoes.

Step one

Step two

Step three

Bingo! There you have it!

Good bye, Fraispertuis City, until next time!  

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