Jacquou Parc

  • Sunday  19th August 2012  

Jacquou Parc is a mixture of amusement park, petting zoo and water park. Honestly, this park is in serious need of tidying up. Its condition is average at best. That said, regardless of the park's condition, the locals were having a good time. The water park was especially popular among the guests.

Jacquou Parc has two coasters, one of them a rare breed from Technical Park. The train is designed to look like a sombrero. It gently circles the pink track that has one small uphill section in the middle part of the ride. Riders can determine if they want the coaster car to spin by turning the centre wheel. The second coaster is a standard Big Apple called Speedy Gonzales .

Other rides in he park include a Ferris wheel, the ever popular powered horse ride and numerous other smaller rides for the younger ones. The last entrance is an hour before the park closing time.

 Jacquou Parc entrance
Sombrero is a powered coaster from Technical Park, a manufacturer that has built three coasters. The other two are in Venezuela and Denmark (operational during the holiday season only). This 328.1 ft coaster has been operating at Jacquou Parc since 2008. 

Speedy Gonzales is a standard Big Apple coaster that has been operating at Jacquou Parc since 2008.

Les Montgolfiéres

Le circuit 24


Le circuit 24

Lucky Corral

Le éléphant volants

La Tour Magique

Le Carrousel Vénitien

Ali Airport and La Grande Roue

Ali Airport

L'ile aux Pirates

My hotel room for the night.

While my friends went to Luna Park La Palmyre (I had been there before), I had a Quick bite (pun intended) at this restaurant next door to my hotel and called it an early night.

La Coccinelle


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  1. Haha, I thought I'd seen it all and then I saw the Sombrero coaster. That is hilarious and now I must go there :P