• Monday 20th August 2012

Animaparc is similar to La Coccinelle since it's also basically a small petting zoo with added amusement attractions to make it an all-day park for families. The park is in a forested area that provides nice shade. The only coaster here is a standard Wacky Worm. Apart from this, there are several inflatables and few children's rides that make up the attractions at this park. The temperature being 30 degrees, the water park area was extremely busy. Animaparc is slightly difficult to get to as it's away from any major catchment area.
Animaparc Map

Chaises Volantes

Petit train Safari

Piste des Trackeurs




Le petit huit - La super chenille is a Wacky Worm that has been operating at Animaparc since 2012. The coaster previously operated at Papéa Parc as Petite Chenille from 1st May 2010 till 2011.

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